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    Heritage Wheel offers a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty on the structure of the wheels. 

    Heritage Wheel offers a one year warranty from the original purchase date on the manufacturer’s powder coat finishes. This warranty does not extend to “raw metal” finishes (Polish, Brush) or plated finishes (Chrome, Black Chrome, Copper, 24K Gold, Neochrome)

    The finish warranty coverage extends to our forged wheel line, as well as custom powdercoated MonoC wheels. Standard paint finish on MonoC wheels is not covered by this finish warranty.

     Warranty coverage extends to the original owner of the wheels only. Warranty coverage is non transferrable.

    All warranty claims must be sent to Heritage Wheel headquarters in Montclair, California for inspection by our technicians before any claim can be accepted.

     Heritage Wheel Wheels does not deal directly with customers of our distributors for any warranty claims.

    Warranty claims must be processed through the original dealer or distributor that the wheels were purchased from. If wheels were purchased directly though Heritage Wheel, warranty claim can be directed to a Heritage Wheel representative.

     This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of wheels at the discretion of Heritage Wheel for any wheels determined to be defective and covered under warranty. This warranty does not cover monetary reimbursement under any circumstances.

     Heritage Wheel Wheels DOES NOT offer a “road hazard warranty.”

    This warranty does not extend to damage due to neglect, adverse weather, harsh chemicals, potholes, debris and/or accidents.

     This warranty does not extend to damage as a result of a wheel that has been altered, repaired, or modified in any form.

     Inspect shipments and contact the shipping company if any product is damaged. This warranty does not extend to damages as a result of improper shipping or handling. All shipments are insured for the full value of the product. Please file a claim with the shipping company in the event of damage.

     This warranty does not extend to damages as a result of improper installation or mounting with non approved hardware.

     Heritage Wheel is not liable for any costs involved for any warranty claims; this includes any expenses as a result of removal, installation or loss of use. Any expenses covered will be at the discretion of the original dealer or distributor and determined on a case-by-case basis.


    We are a specialty manufacturer of custom wheels. Many wheel cleaning products available on the market, especially those available at auto parts stores, use harsh acids to clean and are intended for use on OEM wheels. Aftermarket custom wheels, like ours, use specialty finishing techniques to offer a wider variety of hues and tones than OEM wheels. As such, these finishes are more delicate than OEM. Use of wrong, or improper use of wheel cleaners can and will damage the finish on your wheels, and void your warranty.

    It is for this reason we recommend the use of SOAP AND WATER ONLY to clean your wheels.