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    How much are your wheels?

    As a general rule, our wheels start at USD$2999 with Standard Finish centers, inners, and outers. This price can go up based on selected options.

    How long do the wheels take?

    As a general rule, our wheels take 6-8 weeks to produce. Some sets may be completed much quicker, and others may take slightly longer. This varies based on sizing, finishing, parts availability, current workload, and other internal and external factors. Please contact us for the most up to date information on our current wait times.

    Do you offer sponsorships/discounts?

    Yes and no. We do offer sponsorships to select vehicle owners that we feel we can generate a mutually beneficial relationship with.
    To ensure fairness we do not offer discounts other than scheduled sales events. You can rest assured that the price you are paying for your wheels is our "best price" and will not go up or down.

    Help! I broke a part!

    While instances of parts failures are extremely low, issues do occur due to external factors. We offer replacement parts for all of our wheels, just contact us and we will get the issue resolved for you.
    (Note: broken parts due to external factors are not covered by warranty)

    I am unhappy with the finish/sizing of my wheels

    While we do our best to ensure that every set of wheels that leaves our facility is 100% perfect, accidents do happen. Contact us and we will resolve the issue in a timely manner.