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    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts
    Kokoro Lug Nuts

    Kokoro Lug Nuts

    12,520 Reviews


    The Heritage Wheel KOKORO and HOSHI lug nuts are the first of their kind. Manufactured exclusively by Heritage Wheel, the proprietary Heart and Star designs are both beautiful and functional, acting as a unique way to accent your wheels, while also being unable to be removed with regular tools acting as a powerful anti-theft mechanism.

    In addition to the unique lug nut designs, we have created a tool specific to your lug nuts, meaning a KOKORO lug can only be removed with a KOKORO tool, and a HOSHI lug with a HOSHI tool.


    Conical Vs Ball Seat lug nuts

    These aftermarket lug nuts feature a Conical seat, which is used for most aftermarket wheels. Most factory wheels use a Ball lug seat, which is incompatible with aftermarket lug nuts. While it may seem that a conical seat lug will fit your factory wheel, there is a risk of the lug nut becoming loose while driving. Heritage Wheel assumes no liability for the fitment of these lug nuts onto your wheels, or any event that occurs as a result of the usage of these lug nuts. Please do all necessary research to confirm that this product is compatible with your wheel and tire setup prior to purchasing

    M12x1.25 Vs M12x1.5

    Each vehicle has a unique thread pitch for their lug nuts, most sport compact/tuner vehicles use M12(12mm stud) with a 1.25" or 1.5" thread pitch.

    Please note, it is your responsibility to confirm what thread pitch your vehicle uses. This information is provided as a general reference only. A quick google search of "Year Make Model Lug Nut Thread Pitch" will confirm what will suit your vehicle. If you have aftermarket wheel mounting components such as wheel spacers, wheel adapters, stud conversions, or similar it is important you verify the thread pitch on those components prior to placing your order










    Acura(except MDX, 2005+ RL, 2009+ TL)

    Alfa Romeo


    Cadillac(Except 2008+ CTS, 1999+ Escalade)

    Chevrolet(except 2010+ Camaro, trucks)

    Ford(except Mustang/trucks)


    Honda(except Ridgeline, Odyssey, Pilot)

    Hummer H3










    Note: Lug Nuts will include anti-seize coating on threads. DO NOT REMOVE anti seize coating



    Made For You.

    Whether you prefer silky Satin Black, glistening Triple Chrome, or color-changing Neochrome, our lugs are the perfect addition to your vehicle.